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2020 Tech Trends & How They Could Impact Your Marketing Strategy

Predictions about the seven most significant technology changes in 2020, recently published by, could have serious implications for your organization’s marketing strategy.

Specifically, the rise of mobile commerce and the decline of apps caught our attention. Many credit unions are now offering cashless payment options through products like Apple Pay, but being at the top of consumers’ mobile wallets will be more critical than ever as the payments space continues to shift.  How many members are using your mobile payment options today? Do they know you offer them?

As a consumer, it seems every store you visit – even 7-Eleven – now wants you to download their App. Personally, my willingness to find and download these individual Apps is limited. It’s no surprise then that notes that “Having to find and download apps could be the next problem to solve for companies.” Are your members having to jump through hoops to engage with your organization digitally? Is it easy to access your services on my mobile device via your website?

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We’re here to help. Kearley & Company is just a phone call, email or text away. We assist credit unions and other businesses by incorporating the latest tech trends into their marketing strategies. Let us know how we can help improve your digital experience.

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