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5 Facebook Terms Uncoded

5 Social Facebook Terms Uncoded

If you don’t work in social media every day, it can be hard to keep-up with the growing list of terms to know – let alone how they impact your business. We’re here to make your life a little easier by defining 5 of these terms and why they matter to you.

1. Reach – the total number of unique users exposed to your post or ad

Reach is a true count of how many different user accounts saw your post or ad once. It does not account for how frequently it was shown to them.

2. Impressions – the total number of times your post or ad is displayed

Impressions account for all of the times someone saw the ad, whether or not they were a unique user. It is the number of users reached plus the number of users who saw the ad more than once.

3. Engagement – any action a user makes on your post or ad

Engagement is the amount of times someone makes an interaction with the post or ad. This could be in the form of clicking on the image, clicking on outgoing links, clicking to “read more”, liking, commenting or sharing the post or ad, etc.

Engagements are important because they tell us the number of times someone stopped to “consume” the message.

4. Facebook Ads – paid advertisements set up through the Ads Manager

These types of ads have to be set up in the Ads Manager and allows you to specifically target audiences based on geographic locations, demographics, and interests. They allow for greater customization then a boosted post, but are limited by character count and approval from the platform. The potential audience is also limited to users of the platform. Overall, they’re great for driving traffic to external links.

5. Boosted Posts – paid promotion of an existing social media post

Boosted posts are existing social media posts that you can pay to be shown to a specific target audience based on geographic locations, demographics, and interests. While they have a greater character count than Facebook Ads, they are subject for approval by the platform and the potential audience is limited to users of the platform. Overall, they’re great for broadening the exposure of a message.

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