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Adjusting Your Credit Union’s Social Strategy During Uncertain Times

Now more than ever, individuals and families are turning to the internet as a resource for navigating economic uncertainty. It’s important to focus on your Credit Union’s online presence as you work to communicate with current and potential members during these uncertain times. To help stay at the forefront of the conversation – and to keep your members informed – we’re offering 4 steps you can use to help simplify your social strategy and still communicate effectively.

1. Start with a Statement on the Website

By now you’ve probably sent emails and posted on your CU’s website about the different things you’re doing to ensure your members’ safety during the pandemic.

This is a great way to maintain up-to-date, open and honest communication that builds trust among your membership. Continue to update this page and reference it by linking  to it in social media posts when necessary.

2. Align Your Messaging

It’s extremely important that your messaging aligns with the current climate. Right now, it’s all about being there for your members in every (safe, socially-distanced) way you can be. Messaging should convey trust, reassurance, empathy, and most importantly, hope. We will get through this together.

Avoid taglines or copy that talks about vacations/travel, leisure, gathering, and anything else that might go against social distancing guidelines. If you’re not sure if your current messaging is or isn’t COVID-19 safe, contact us for a free assessment.

3. Communicate Convenience

It’s all about convenience. Some members may feel at a loss when they know they can’t access their accounts by walking into the lobby and talking with a teller or loan officer. That’s why it’s so important to communicate the different ways they can access their accounts without leaving their home. Be sure to consistently promote things like online banking, online bill pay, online applications, mobile banking, over-the-phone services, and the drive-thru.

4. Meeting Members’ Needs

Members – both current and potential – need solutions. It’s great to reassure them about your presence and convenience, but even better to meet their needs with products and services tailored to them. Whether they’ve been laid off, have medical bills to pay, have lost a loved one, or are currently running a small business, they need to know their options and how a Credit Union is the answer they’ve been looking for.

Figure out what products and services you offer and how you can market them on social media in a way that meets these needs. This is your biggest opportunity to boost your membership, deepen existing relationships, and make a difference in your community.

If you read this far, we have a bonus tip for you:

5. The Credit Union Difference

Members may not realize that many of today’s credit unions were formed in the wake of the Great Depression to provide credit for people of modest means. The Federal Credit Union Act, which authorized federally chartered credit unions in all states, was signed by President Roosevelt in June 1934. Now may be a good time, even if just on social media, to remind members why their credit union exists.

If you’re interested in learning more about how these strategies can be applied to your Credit Union, contact us at or call 817-870-2717.

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