Clothes say a lot about us. They speak volumes about the person wearing them. Arguably, what you wear is a non-verbal aspect of the voice you project to the world.

Your business must be well-dressed too. As acclaimed designer Tom Ford said, “Dressing well is a form of good manners.”

Branch environments are the clothes that your business wears. A well-dressed business communicates professionality, cleanliness, efficiency, and yes, respect, to its clients.

We talk a lot about brand voice – how you sound when speaking to your audience as a business or a financial institution. But sadly, in today’s digital age, many businesses choose to make their environment a low priority. As a result, branch environments are an aspect of a brand’s voice that is often neglected.

Picture this: you notice a financial institution online that seems well put together and professional. You make the decision to open an account with them. You then visit one of their branches to open an account and immediately notice stains on the wall, indoor advertising from the 90s, and outdated carpet. Regardless of how that business was marketed online, the indoor environment communicates outdated technology, poor maintenance, and, worst of all, a careless attitude.

In the 17 years that we at Kearley & Company have been designing branch environments, we have seen countless offices and branch environments turned around because of some very simple changes to the space – color, POP marketing, new carpet, etc.


We recently worked with Atlantic Financial to update their branch environment and, with some very easy changes, effected a dramatic difference to their main branch office.


















Sometimes, it’s merely the addition of some retail merchandising (or indoor advertising/designs) that fit well with your market and your location. This week, we installed some retail merchandising for Las Colinas FCU that changed the entire voice of an otherwise blank wall. The gears are a subtle reference to the Signet Jeweler company with which they share their space and from which come a lot of their clients.

BEFORE:                                   AFTER:










Retail merchandising and branch environments can be overwhelming to say the least. We understand that. Our tenured team is happy to offer pointers or support you in updating your indoor environments. Please reach out at or connect with us on Twitter or Facebook @KearleyAndCo.