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Broadcast Media: Times Have Changed

Broadcast media has changed quite a bit over the last century and yeah—it’s changed drastically in the last couple of decades.

Take a look at the timeline above and what it means for your business now that the internet has thrown its hat into the ring.

In the beginning, we were all about radio. Radio was the be all end all of consumable media. If you’ve seen the classic movie A Christmas Story, you’re well acquainted with Ovaltine radio advertising at the pop culture level.

Then television swooped in and stole most of radio’s listeners. Entertaining programming offered a ripe opportunity for advertisers to market to captive audiences.

But now, Netflix and Hulu have convinced many a customer that cable television (or as those in the industry call it, linear broadcasting) is outdated. While some advertisers have moved to on-demand subscription services like Hulu, others are innovating elsewhere. This year, we are seeing the beginning of local news stations offering free on-demand streaming via ad-supported apps. This gives local businesses a technological edge when it comes to broadcast advertising.

What is the lesson we can learn here? To put it simply: keep up. Times change and so must the way we advertise. Technology changes and so should the way we communicate. History may repeat itself but technology hardly ever does.

As Greek Philosopher Heraclitus once said, “The only thing that is constant is change.”

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