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Case Study: Digital Geo-Fencing

Texas People Federal Credit Union wanted to focus on new member growth through their core Select Employee Group (SEG), which is Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR).

The Challenge: 

While there are two rail yards in Fort Worth that are close the Credit Union’s (only) office, there are three other rail yards that are a few miles away, 20+ miles away, and 90 miles away. How do we let employees from ALL areas know we are the Credit Union serving UPRR?

The Strategy:

  • We know folks tend to check Facebook in their down time – on their lunch break, or when they have a little down time.
  • Let’s work to capture and speak to UPRR employees when they are enjoying a little down time.
  • The message must be simple, straight-forward, and easy to digest by someone on the go.
  • The message must take a friendly approach.

The Execution:

  • Facebook ads that added an additional layer of targeting by adding a virtual fence around each of the 5 rail yards.
  • The creative was friendly and easy to understand in a flash.

The Results:

After a year of steady, but consistent member growth before we employed the geo-fencing, new member applicants increased by 80% in the first month, 100% in subsequent months. 

How can you use this same strategy and execution?

Are you a Credit Union serving a very specific SEG? If so, it can be hard to target through traditional channels – you may not have access to physical home addresses or emails for member prospects. And sometime, that SEG can make it difficult for you to leverage their internal communication channels. How do you let them know about you?

Consider digital geo-fencing and geo-location ads with very specific, targeted offers as an opportunity to grow members. It’s very easily trackable, relatively inexpensive, and you can turn off if you are not seeing the results you need to justify the spend.

More about Geo-fencing:

Geo-location and Geo-Fencing to hyper-target your audience and drive business.

For local businesses, the more targeted your message is, the better it will perform. Geo-location and geo-fencing are tools that allow you to target a specific location with a specific offer. It’s really that simple. Imagine you have a University campus or a building where your SEG is headquartered. With digital advertising tools, (and a good digital adverting team!) you can “draw” a virtual line around the area you want to target.

Geofencing in digital allows for more sophisticated ‎personalization (and measurement!) than wasn’t ever possible with traditional media.  Consider how it might help you get over any targeting hurdles.

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