If you haven’t heard of IHOP’s recent (and purportedly temporary) name change to IHOb, the only plausible explanation is that your wifi has been broken since June 11 when they revealed what IHOb truly stands for. Well, now that your internet is fixed, let’s catch you up.

On June 4, IHOP released a cryptic 6 second video containing satirical operatic music in which they flipped their “P” making it a “b.” The world wondered. The world waited. On June 11th, they revealed it meant “International House Of Burgers.”

There have been supporters, naysayers, and yes, plenty of trolls. We will get to the trolls in a minute. But first let’s talk about the brilliance and beauty of this campaign.

IHOP’s advertising agency Droga5 initiated this campaign most likely knowing full-well that the “International House Of Burgers” would not be received with thunderous applause. No. They probably knew that IHOP patrons and (especially) the regulars would not take kindly to this pancake pillar changing its name and mission — regardless of whether it was a gimmick or not. Therein is the genius of this particular campaign.

Whether or not people liked the change, they talked about it. As they talked about it, IHOP released commercials with beauty shots of their new burgers and an enthusiastic employee proudly proclaiming the various options. As people talked about this new change, IHOP — or rather IHOb — got all the free social media publicity they wanted.


Then we saw something that hasn’t happened in a while and arguably hasn’t ever happened on this scale. We saw various brands, especially food brands, roasting IHOP for the change. Internet trolls came out strong in a hilarious fashion, many of them being major brands. Because of IHOP’s IHOb campaign, this week has been one of good-natured jabs at IHOP for this campaign initiating a sort of “brand community” which positions IHOP as a brand that can laugh at itself while making the joke in the first place.

For your edification, here are as many of our favorite brands trolling IHOP as we could find. Enjoy.

1. Burger King changed their name:

They had an identity crisis after that:

2. Someone had the audacity to ask Wendy’s if they were concerned:

Then Wendy’s thought about it, and tweeted about it:

3. Netflix decided to roast in their own way:

4. A&W was just as confused as the rest of us:

5. Waffle House knew where they stood and will always stand:

6. Busch Beer pointed out other options:

7. Whataburger encouraged IHOP to stay in their lane:

8. Chili’s doesn’t usually throw shade…but:

9. White Castle clearly misunderstood structural integrity of pancakes:

10. The Florida Panthers Hockey team got their graphics department to make a video that looks oddly familiar:

11. Steak ‘n Shake gave us a history lesson:

12. Denny’s blessed us with a hypothetical dialogue 50 years from now:

13. Classic Quiktrib:


14. Moonpie doesn’t want to rock the boat: 

They also thought they had a solution for IHOb: 

15. Savage Pop-Tart. Savage.: 

16. DiGiorno went a little crazy with it: