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Kearley Shared Content: Navigating Instagram’s Algorithm

Every Instagram user has a unique set of pages they follow. That number is then scaled down further when it comes to pages they actually engage with. So, how do you reach those users as a company page needing consumer engagement? You work with Instagram’s algorithm. The algorithm is designed to have a specific relevance, interest, and relationship with the user displayed on their personal feed. Here are four ways to help you become one of those interests.

Hop on Reels/New Features

Jumping at the chance to use new features greatly increases your chances of having a bigger algorithm reach. Instagram’s latest feature, Reels, are short videos that many celebrities and public figures have flocked to for maximum engagement with their followers. Reels can serve as an authentic look into your brand with no professional videography. 

Follower Engagement

Encourage your followers to engage with your content. To ensure your engagement is at a decent level of 1-5%, you can:

  • directly ask questions or encourage commentary in captions
  • Respond to comments and DMs
  • Utilize Instagram Stories, question stickers, emoji sliders, and polls

Use hashtags

Labeling your content with the proper hashtag can work wonders for achieving maximum reach. The correct use of a hashtag accurately describes your content, and finding the perfect hashtag requires a little research. 

Posting with Consistency

A constant presence on your company’s social platforms is necessary if you’re looking for more engagement and reach with your posts. According to Hootsuite, posting from every weekday to 1.6 posts a day is the proper range to continually have your brand in the face of your followers.

For even more details on how to successfully utilize Instagram’s algorithm to your benefit, visit this link here.

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