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Kearley’s Picks: Super Bowl LII

Let’s talk about the Super Bowl. Whether or not you watched it, the commercials have been making waves ever since the game. People can’t stop talking about Peter Dinklage, MLK references, Dirty Dancing and so much more.

Here is the countdown of Kearley & Comapny’s top 5 Super Bowl LII commercials:

5: Intuit – Giant Skip Ad

We liked this one because it plays off the frustration stemming from commercial interruptions on YouTube and having them cut into the Super Bowl as well. It sets apart Intuit as a brand that cares more about your Super Bowl viewing experience than an ad being 30 seconds. It also implies the simplicity of doing taxes through turbotax is as easy as pushing the “Skip Ad” button. Also, this sort of ad really hasn’t been done before in a Super Bowl.

4: Michelob Ultra – The Perfect Fit

This was a two part ad and therein lies the genius. This first ad shows Chris Pratt training extensively for a commercial in which he ends up playing a smaller role than he expected. In the second part (here) he can be seen acting in the ad and trying to get as much camera time as possible. These ads play off of Pratt’s personality and style of comedic acting. They also piggyback off of the fanfare from the upcoming Avengers movie in which he plays a part. Finally, they insert a good amount of product placement that somehow feels necessary because Pratt is so excited to be in the upcoming ad.


At the surface, this ad seems to be a mere lip sync battle – which alone would be a solid effort at a pop culture reference. Lip sync battles are still relatively popular on late night television. But also there are subtle references that make this commercial ingenious. For one, Peter Dinklage who acts in the popular Game of Thrones series is seen representing the “fire” side of the battle as he lip syncs to “Look at Me Now” by Busta Rhymes. This (spoiler alert) refers to the rumor that his character in Game of Thrones may be a Targaryen or Dragonlord. Morgan Freeman, a crowd favorite, is well-known for his deep, soothing voice. So the stark contrast of him mouthing Missy Elliot’s “Get Ur Freak On” was beautiful as it was jarring. Finally, Rhymes and Elliot both had cameos as “talking paintings” within the commercial. This tribute to their songs made the entire commercial worth watching…and rewatching.

2. Tide – It’s a Tide Ad

Honesty. Popular Celebrity. And above all, the ability to laugh at oneself.

This commercial has it all. The role of David Harbour (well known for his stunning performance in the popular Netflix series Stranger Things) is a must. His dry sense of humor on and off camera makes him the perfect choice for this Tide ad. Throughout the ad, he acts in several different genres of commercials – interrupting them all to say “It’s a Tide ad.” While entertaining, this commercial also makes a valiant effort at encouraging us to see Tide in every ad we watch. This campaign also is another two part ad. Near the end of the game, an ad played that was a nod to Old Spice commercials (here.) But yet again, Harbour was there to remind us, It’s a Tide ad. This commercial also makes light of the fact that Tide commercials have typically been…well, stereotypical. And who doesn’t like a brand that can laugh at itself?

1. NFL – Touchdown Celebrations to Come

Our number one ad choice was a reference to a movie we all know and love. Ironically enough, this one was produced by the NFL. The choreography was beautifully comedic and it was a subtle reference to the 2017 season being the first in which touchdown dances were allowed again. NFL athletes playing comedic roles in commercials has been a standby for years (Petyon Manning’s Nationwide commercials as well as a role in an NFL commercial about how loudly he eats chips are great examples.) This only adds to this commercial’s excellence.

Honorable Mention: Amazon – Alexa Loses Her Voice

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