Statistically, you won’t find many people who actually like banks. But the millennial generation is drifting further from them than most. According to First Data, 33% believe they won’t need a bank in five years. This has nothing to do with millennials being complex, flighty or picky: it’s because they have a unique set of standards and desires when it comes to managing money.

In that lies an equally unique opportunity for credit unions. When you draw up your next marketing plan, keep the following in mind when it comes to the millennial demographic.

Distrust is Strong

There’s no getting around that the perception of how banks impact society is overall negative. I (the person writing this blog) am a millennial and the first bank I had was Washington Mutual – it collapsed in 2008. Along with a lot of other banks with a lot of other millennial customers. I didn’t lose any money, but it was a bad first impression for an institution that, you know, handles money. This narrative dominated the economic landscape as millennials began to enter the workforce and make their way through college: banks acted irresponsibly and became untrustworthy.

Meanwhile, credit union awareness is low. 71% of people age 18-24 are not familiar with credit unions. One way to increase the profile them is to position them against something more familiar and still more untrustworthy: banks. A credit union would never mishandle your money because that’s not why they exist. For people to grasp this easily, they need something to compare it to. Use the contrast between your built-in trust and the distrust towards banks.

Community and Loyalty

For all the talk of their flightiness, millennials are incredibly loyal consumers. They like loyalty programs and they like buying local. A credit union is a loyalty program. It’s an exclusive club that rewards your faith in its services. It is a local alternative to the big guys. Millennials tend not to trust…many institutions. Credit unions are co-ops. They exist purely for loyalty to a specific group. The more that you can emphasize, the more that you’ll be able to tap into what millennials look for in a business that does as much for them as a financial institution.

It’s Still About Convenience

Millennials are looking for new ways to shop. Mobile apps, Apple Pay, Venmo…these types of electronic tools are what they want from the future of money management. Hitting on loyalty and trust is great, but it’s also simply not enough to win the fight completely. If you want to secure the next generation of consumers, you need to meet them on their smartphone screen.

There’s no need to mystify millennial consumers. They are like the generation that came before them, they just come with a different set of experiences and standards. They have special insight into the world and demand certain things from it. These things could become mutually beneficial for your growth as a credit union, and there’s as adults. Don’t ignore opportunities to build those relationships.

Nathan Pesina is our copywriter, an ashamed millennial and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.