Most of the office could agree that we did not want the Patriots to win the Super Bowl. One thing that there wasn’t much agreement on were the Super Bowl ads.

The Kearley team offered their opinions on their favorite – and least favorite – spots from this year’s game:

Favorite: Bai Bai Bai – Bai

“Who has better comedic timing than those two people? Close second was the Terry Bradshaw-Jeffrey Tambor Tide ad, but I thought the follow-up Tide ad didn’t work if you missed the first one.”

Least Favorite: What the Favre is Going On? – Buffalo Wild Wings

“I don’t think the Buffalo Wild Wings ad with Brett Favre made sense. Did anyone get that one? If so, can you explain?”*

*Editor’s Note: A more complete Favre/Buffalo Wild Wings ad series that may clarify things can be found online. But I’ll agree that this is a weak ad either way. 

Favorite: – SquareSpace

“I loved the simplistic camera angle and the script – straight to the point. Classic John Malkovich!”

Least Favorite: Brady Everyday – Intel

“The less I know about Tom Brady’s routine the better.”*

Editor’s Note: Strong endorse. 

Favorite: Cleaner of Your Dreams – Mr. Clean*
“I thought it was funny, cleaver and light-hearted.”*

*Editor’s Note: What the hell, Meredith?” 
*Editor’s Note, again: No, seriously: Why? This ad gave me nightmares. 

Least Favorite: No Need for Extreme Measures – Sprint

“I found this ad odd and weird and the father faking his death with his kids to erase a phone contract just seemed darkly weird to me.”*

*Editor’s Note: You’re odd and weird for liking that Mr. Clean ad. 

Favorite: Cam Newton – Buick

“I was ready to really dislike this commercial because I thought the set up and pacing were clunky. But it surprisingly won me over because I do love Cam Newton and few things are funnier than watching the NFL’s most physically dominant player stiff arm pee-wee football players.”

Least Favorite: Whatever This Was – Tiffany & Co.

“Lady Gaga’s halftime show was spectacular. Her ad for Tiffany & Co was abysmal. For 60 seconds (or was it an hour? It felt that long.) we were subjected to Tiffany awkwardly trying to merge their high priced brand with that of Lady Gaga’s rebellious image. Yeah, it makes no sense and shows that the jeweler lacks some much needed self-awareness.”


“I didn’t watch one second of the Super Bowl or any ads. I don’t even have TV.”*

*Editor’s Note: This was the best take.