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Our Super Bowl picks for 2020

As one might imagine, our agency team typically watches the Super Bowl more for the ads than the game. And for the first time in our history of ranking and reporting our favorite Super Bowl ads, we all had a favorite in common – plus all of our top picks used humor. No big surprise there. Here are this year’s favorites.

Jeep and the Ground Hog day theme won our top vote – well done, Jeep!

The back-story on how this concept came together is pretty funny, too. For some insider scoop on how the agency produced it (in a very short timeframe), click here

Here are our other top picks: 

Bud Light does it again with Post Malone. You can (almost) always count on the folks at Bud Light.

Doritos. Thank you for another fun one

Hyundai. Clever way to highlight one of your major features! 

And last but not least, Rocket Mortgage and Jason Momoa. What’s not to love here?

Tell us what you think about our picks, and share your favorites!

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