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Our Super Bowl picks for 2024

We’re back with our pick from this year’s big game! Here are this year’s favorites.

We kick things off with BMW’s “Talkin’ Like Walken” for the WIN with Christopher Walken and including Usher. 

We also enjoyed the T-Mobile Auditions – who doesn’t love celebrity cameos and celebs making fun of themselves and their industry? 

Not to be out-done in the battle to own our cell service, we also enjoyed Queen B and the Verizon commercial. 

Cardi B for Plumping Gloss / NYX cosmetics received a few votes from our team. Way to make lip gloss funny. 

The Gen X’ers on the team loved the Volkswagon commercial. Neil Diamond and nostalgia? Yes, thank you! 

While we’re on a sentimental journey, we also felt the Cetaphil commercial was a sweet tug at our heart strings. 

Tell us what you think about our picks, and share your favorites!

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