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Print Media. Yes It’s Still Relevant.

It’s a common misconception. “The days of print advertising are over” is what we hear time and time again. But here at Kearley, we disagree. Here are three reasons why:


According to MarketingSherpa’s 2016 survey, a full 82% of buyers still trust print ads the most. For some reason, just as in the days of the Sears Catalogue, print ads have an incredible amount of authority in the minds of consumers. While digital may have the capacity to reach more eyes, it doesn’t maintain the reliability that print ads offer.


Electronic media, social media, digital media; these are all instant forms of communication. And the communication therein is absorbed in much the same way — instantly. Print media (as noted by industry experts at mediaspace) allows for full engagement with the advertisement. For example, books and magazines are read with more careful deliberation than social media posts. So it makes sense that ads within magazines, newspapers and other print media forms are often assessed at a speed slower than is typical for other forms of media.


The argument could be (and has been) made that since print media doesn’t link elsewhere, it doesn’t drive conversions and purchases as much as digital media. But the National Retail Federation would disagree. Their research shows that potential buyers are most likely to begin searching for your product online after seeing your ad in a magazine.

So, contrary to popular belief, print advertising is alive and well. It still has a place in marketing strategy and it is still relevant. Now, how to leverage this asset effectively? That’s a different story.

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