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Recognizing the Symptoms: Knowing When to Rebrand

Sometimes we don’t notice that change needs to happen; especially when it concerns our health. We slouch at our desk not realizing the damage it’s doing to our back until we have an twinge of pain. We get less than the recommended amount of sleep, and it isn’t until a couple of weeks later that we notice the toll it’s taking on our systems.

This happens with brands as well, far too often. Many companies ignore obvious signs that a brand needs to change. There are times that a company’s leadership has become comfortable with the brand they know and love, but they are blind to noticeable signs that they need to make a change for the health of their company. If you are not sure if it’s time to rebrand, take a look at these symptoms and do a check-up on your brand. This is a simple way to find out if/when it’s time to update your brand.

Symptom 1: Age

Are you marketing to your current audience, or is your brand focused on the clients of yesteryear? Does your name and brand voice reflect 2018…or sometime in the mid 90s? Sometimes all you need is a simple website makeover to keep up with the times. But other times, the issue could be at the core of your brand and marketing. We get it. You’ve been around for a while and frankly, long term stability is a selling point. But sell it well.

Symptom 2: Growing Pains

As you grow, you have to change old clothes for new ones, and you have to learn how to adjust for the changes happening to your body. It’s the same with your brand. If your target demographic is becoming more diverse, that could mean you need to find a new brand to live under. For example, if you have expanded from just serving Texas to serving Texas and Oklahoma, your name should stop being “The Lone Star ______.”

Symptom 3: Feeling Unwell

Any press is NOT always good press. Sometimes a negative brand image can hover over you like bad allergies. If this is the case, you really should get it checked out. If the symptom of negative press means you are perceived in a negative light, a rebrand could be the antidote. Rebrands are often the perfect answer to keeping members who love you and bringing back the ones who have been disillusioned.

Symptom 4: Mergers and More Growing Pains

Mergers. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they happen. To make your members aware of the new addition, someone is going to have to rebrand so that your entire company is a cohesive unit. This type of rebranding requires delicate attention to ensure all your members know the new face does not mean a change in quality of service.

Whatever the symptom, if you choose to rebrand it must be handled thoughtfully, tactfully, and purposefully. After all, a healthy business is a successful business.

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