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Resolutions to Rock Marketing in 2019

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet?

Tada! Welcome to 2019. Are you ready for it?

Okay. If we’re honest, nobody is ever completely READY for 2019. But as you prep to jump into marketing for this year, let us offer some New Year’s Resolutions that we guarantee will be especially helpful in your marketing world in 2019.

Resolutions to Rock Marketing in 2019:

1. Resolve to Strategize Before I Execute

Sure it seems self explanatory. But make sure you plan first and act second. Far too many times, a marketing director has a plan for some campaign they want to activate during some season, but they don’t have a broad perspective for how it will affect their marketing for the rest of the year. What is the big picture for 2019? Start with your goals, then get a basic idea of how to achieve them, and then end with the nuts and bolts of how that will happen.

2. I Resolve to Cut Losses

If something you’re doing isn’t working, cut it loose – regardless of how much you like that specific aspect of your marketing portfolio. If outdoor marketing is wasting more assets than it’s bringing in, give it up. If your Google Ads are resulting in a lot of conversions but Facebook isn’t, consider giving up Facebook. They say “Don’t fix what ain’t broke.” But if you’re paying for something that isn’t working, maybe it needs fixing.

3. I Resolve to Know My Audience

For example, don’t waste time trying to focus on Gen Z when Millennials are the perfect target for your brand. Or if blue collar Gen Xers are bringing in the numbers, laser focus on them. Don’t try to be everything to everyone but rather find out what your target market should be and give everything to knowing them first and marketing to them second. Make them feel special and they will make your brand important.

4. I Resolve to Not Be An Island

Marketing is a dynamic, creative field. Because of this, a central aspect of marketing is the need for brainstorming with other like-minded creatives to create something unique and special. This is why agencies exist. If you are the only marketing mind on your team, consider reaching out to other experts for strategy consultations. Innovative ideas and marketing plans can come out of these collaborative meetings. When you’re the only one coming up with ideas for your marketing portfolio, not only will it leave you incredibly drained, it will eventually exhaust you of fresh ways to market to your specific audience. And innovation is the only way to keep your audience interested.

We know it’s exciting/scary to plan for marketing in 2019. But if you make these resolutions yours, we guarantee you will find it much easier to focus on the exciting part of marketing in the new year.

If you need aid in building your marketing portfolio for 2019 or if you are considering a creative consultation, please reach out at find us on Twitter and Facebook @KearleyAndCo.


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