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Why Your Credit Union Should Outsource Your Social Media Efforts

“We got this.” It’s one of my favorite phrases, to be sure. I like to let my boss know that we can handle anything that comes our way with regards to promotion or marketing. But for everyone there comes a time when they need some help.

Financial Technology Services brand, Kasasa® ran a study last year that showed 56% of banks and credit unions surveyed spent less than $1,000 a year on social media. Their study also showed that a majority of financial institutions feel neutral about the effectiveness of their social media channels.

So clearly, a lot of credit union models are not happy with the results of their minimal spend of time, money, and effort on social media promotion. How can you be more satisfied with your brand’s social media performance? It’s impossible in this day and age to have brand presence without being immensely active on social media.

Getting external support is an answer a lot of credit unions have found to be pretty effective in turning around their social media results. Here are several reasons outsourcing social media may be the answer for you:

Time of Day

When do you get on social media? Okay, let’s be honest. You probably DO swipe through your Facebook feed casually throughout your day. But you’re probably not supposed to. This stigma against goofing off on social media during your workday is replicated in almost every workplace in America.That being said, most people check social media when they’re at home. So that’s when you’re not in the office posting. Outsourcing your social media allows you to go home and relax after work while your marketing firm handles the social media accounts. Not only is this less stress on your shoulders, but it’s also better for your audience. They can get real time responses because someone is there to serve them when you are unable to be.

Time in the Schedule

The “We Got This” mentality works for most things. But not social media. You can’t cram social media into your schedule. Why? It’s not because you won’t write quality content. It’s actually because social media almost always falls into the “when I have time” category of your schedule. The momentum of posting daily or every other day, will be difficult to maintain as both your schedule and you get busier. Outsourcing social media to qualified experts allows you to leave this headache to them and maintain quality content consistently on your channels.

Outside Perspective

To be able to post effectively, you need an impartial look at your brand’s strengths and weaknesses that results in an objective strategy for promoting the former.You are involved with your credit union day in and day out. You see the branding every day all day. An outside marketing firm or social media consultant will give you those outside eyes looking in that you will need to be able to write content that will resonate with readers who don’t have the inside look that you do. You’re steeped in the jargon and messaging of the brand. But sometimes the simplicity of social media content makes it just that much more complicated to write. Outsourcing it will help you achieve the results you’re looking for and connect with the audience you need.

Studies show that a lot of financial institutions don’t devote the time or resources to social media that they should. But the beauty of that is that you don’t have to! Qualified social media specialists exist for brands just like yours. It’s worth a bit of investment to increase your presence on the fastest growing medium of media there is. Get some help.

If you need aid in building your social media marketing portfolio, please reach out or find us on Twitter and Facebook @KearleyAndCo.


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