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Tap Into Your Own Potential

People care what you have to say. Yes you.

You have to realize that you ARE an expert in your industry. You have knowledge about your field that people want to hear. Share it. Social media is indeed the quickest way to reach your audience. But unfortunately short attention spans and character limits ensure social media posts can only go so far. Have you considered a company blog?

According to Web Designer Depot, the first blog ever published was by college student Justin Hall in 1994. Talk about a generic URL. Blogging then hit a peak in the early 2000s as a medium through which all age groups could have a voice – mainly with regards to the current news.

Since then, blogging has matured and become so much more. There are special interest group blogs, photo blogs, recipe blogs, DIY blogs—you name it. And today, blogs can also be integrated into company websites. In that spirit, blogs now have the potential to be a means to an end.

Company blogs can be leveraged in several ways to not only increase your reach, but also set you apart as a thought leader and innovator in your field:

Company Updates.

Blogs are useful as a medium through which you can share company updates and news items. Are you getting a new employee? What did 2017 look like for your branch? Think of ways to use your blog to make your audience feel a part of your brand’s family.

Free Advice.

Sharing is caring. Someone who freely offers help to those who need it is naturally likeable. Your institution or business is the same way. For example, as a credit union or bank you might share blog posts with your members and your community about things like savings tips and budgeting ideas. Offering helpful financial advice to potential members ensures they are more likely to trust you and probably will enlist your help in a time of need.

Industry Expertise.

This one is paramount for any business blog. Sharing industry knowledge and updates about your field marry the first two concepts of “Company Updates” and “Free Advice” but also distinguish you as a clear leader in your industry. Writing blog posts from the storehouses of knowledge within your company subtly sets you apart as a knowledgeable thought leader in your industry. People know you know what you’re talking about if you show them.

At Kearley & Company, we use our blog to share marketing tips, industry news items and company updates with our audiences. Think of your company blog as pictures on the mantle of your website. They tell your story without you having to and they explain who you are without you having to say it.  

If you need more tips or ideas on how to leverage your blog posts and get results from your writing, please reach out at or reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook @KearleyAndCo

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