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The Great Social Media Outage of 2019

It was Wednesday, March 13, 2019, when the world was sent into a panic as Facebook and its sister platform, Instagram, experienced a 10+ hour outage, affecting millions of users across the globe.

The reason why? No one knows for sure.

Ironically, Facebook took to Twitter to communicate to its users about issues with its server. Although there are plenty of conspiracies circulating the internet about it being caused by a cyber-attack, Facebook has firmly denied these allegations. We’ll leave it up for you to decide.

But anyway… if you remember trying to log on to make a post or check your ads you were probably left refreshing your feed for more than half the day. For those of us who rely on social media to communicate to our audience or to promote a business, this was extremely frustrating, especially when Facebook or Instagram are your only platforms.

But you can’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

Today, brands are too reliant on one or two platforms as a main method of communication. This is why you need to be established across multiple channels (ones not owned by the same company) like Twitter and LinkedIn, or even YouTube or Pinterest.

Now we’ve probably left you wondering how you’re supposed to manage all of these accounts, making sure your content is adaptable and on message for each, not to mention finding, building, and connecting with your target audience.

Having a designated team of experts working for you can make incidences like these easier to manage. While we can’t fix a global Facebook server issue, we can think of unique and creative ways to reach your target audience via other social platforms or email.

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