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Three tips for Improved Social Engagement

#1: Know Your Target Audience

This seems simple, but so many brands skip this important step – spending valuable resources to be ever present on all social channels without a real target or strategy behind the effort isn’t a wise decision. You must have a clearly defined target audience to build a strategy on social. Start by knowing your core members or customers, then flesh out personas and relevant content categories that support these core groups. Next, consider your brand image and the message you want to convey to your target audience on social media to ensure content is consistent with what your target audience relates to the most.

#2: Don’t Just Sell Accounts and Services, Sell Your Brand

An occasional mention of your products and services on social is necessary and important, but your brand image is equally important. Customers what to know what your brand stands for and whether it is worthy of their support. Don’t be afraid to share your core purpose, your core values, and your outreach efforts that speak to the foundation of your brand.

#3: Involve Your Audience

Posting fun content is great, but involving your followers is even better. Create polls, start conversations, and ask for feedback on your posts. Brands should leverage these social media features to engage with their audience. In this way, you’re also communicating to your followers that you’re listening and that their opinions matter to you. By involving your audience, you’re also building a sense of community and encouraging conversations around your brand.

SOURCE: Hubspot, Hootsuite

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