Even the best of teams can benefit from an outside perspective when it comes to marketing & advertising. This is especially true during the summer and fall, when vacation season, planning for next year and trying to hit your institution’s 2022 goals combine to create a frenetic energy.

If your team is short-staffed, the stress of finishing out the current year strong while planning for 2023 can be even more overwhelming. The good news is that there is help available! Outside support can:

  • help reduce internal stress
  • reach more of your organization’s goals
  • refine your overall strategy
  • fine-tune specific messaging
  • unleash your team’s creative side.

Unlike adding a full-time team member, along with full-time benefits and often a months-long learning curve, supplementing your team with the support of an experienced agency can have immediate benefits. Agencies that work with credit unions already understand your business and can quickly pinpoint opportunities while moving the ball forward alongside your in-house team.

Here are a few questions to ask a potential agency partner to ensure the best fit:

  • Does your team have direct credit union experience? 
  • How exactly have you assisted these institutions? Have you conducted market research, written strategic marketing plans, spearheaded re-branding efforts, developed specific campaign copy and creative?
  • What are our options for working with you? Can we begin with a marketing review or other short-term project to boost our team’s capacity?
  • Are there any credit union references I can speak with about the impact your agency has made?

Kearley & Co. experts are available to assist your in-house marketing team, or even serve as your outsourced marketing arm, as needed. Contact us today to learn more about our strategic marketing review service and other solutions.