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Value-based website platforms: WordPress vs Squarespace

So you know you can achieve ADA compliance with your new site, but what about all the other variables of a value-based website platform?  While there are many to choose from, we’ve created a comparison between two of the most popular as well as a custom site – WordPress, Squarespace, and our Kearley custom sites. Here are a few variables to consider when making your decision:

Customization – the ability to create your own or customize your website’s pre-set design (layout, color scheme, fonts, images, etc.)

Content Ownership – some hosting sites retain rights to content created on the platform and can claim ownership of websites designed by the user

Monthly Fees – some hosting sites charge a monthly fee to use their services. (The monthly fee does not factor in agency or web development fees.)

HTML and CSS Coding – code written by a web developer to build, re-write, or customize the website. HTML coding generally relates to the content, while CSS coding is the style and user interface.

Responsive/Mobile – the ability for the website to scale down and fit the screen of a mobile device

Theme Options – a variation of pre-set designs to choose from

User Friendliness – how easy the editing program is to navigate and be changed by the user

Self-Hosted – when you have full access to all of your files and content without having anything withheld by the hosting platform

Custom Layouts – features that are added or coded into a website to help them perform different tasks (side-bar, social feed, popover, etc.)

These are just a few of the many variables to consider when thinking about a new website. If you are considering a building new website and need tips or support, please reach out at or follow us on Twitter or Facebook @KearleyAndCo. We’d be happy to consult with you about the project and/or submit a proposal to build your next site. Please note: we build sites on a variety of platforms, and which one depends on your needs and resources.

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