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When Baseball, Red Bull and Snapchat Collide

Red Bull has already made a name for itself with events all over the world promoting its brand. Typically these events involve extreme sports featuring Red Bull as the sponsor.

This campaign, however reaches new levels of creativity. It’s a perfect example of Business-to-Business partnerships (i.e. a Snapchat code on specific Red Bull cans linking to exclusive content only for those fans who chose Kris Bryant.) It also represents the brilliant use of humor coupled with a surprise ending which creates a feeling for the viewers that they are “in on the secret.” Knowing something before the characters in a video do has a certain appeal to audiences and intrigues them. Because of the anticipation build up, fans watching this 6 minute clip will most likely wait until the conclusion of the video when Bryant’s identity is revealed to the fans.

While this marketing is a tad different than has been typical for Red Bull, if it’s a sign of things to come — we’re on board!

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