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2021 Graphic Design Trends that Make a Difference

Graphic trends are ever-changing, and it can be challenging to create impactful and effective design content. Here are four trends that have had lasting success in 2021.

Authentic Representation

Authentic Representation is about portraying yourself without falsehood, an expression of values and ethics. It is important that your business resonates with consumers and today that’s often done through ethnic and cultural inclusion. This can lead to unique brand identities as businesses are being held more accountable by consumers.


Sustainability consumption is growing in popularity. As the world becomes more aware of its environmental footprint, we find graphics and packaging doing the same. Neutral palettes, biodegradable packaging, and natural or simplistic brand visual designs are all ways businesses put an emphasis on sustainability.

Color Trends

Muted color palettes not only evoke a sense of warmth for your viewer but also promote ease. Being in the digital age and staring at a screen for the last year and a half has made this trend that much more impactful. Though this doesn’t mean the only colors used are neutrals, colors with shifted hues like maroon, emerald, and sienna leave a lasting effect on the consumer’s mind. 


Surrealism or the creative release of one’s inner self has also been a successful trend in 2021. As we navigate out of the pandemic and transition to a new everyday routine, surrealism ensures viewers are captivated while also relating to the bends of reality.

 A perfect way to stay up to date on graphic design trends is through platforms like Instagram. Instagram provides designers and businesses a way of showcasing their creative work and consumers an opportunity to learn and observe. Keyword searches and hashtags are both great ways to zero in on specific trends in the industry.

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