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Did You Forget Something? Getting Your Branches Back in Shape

If you can’t remember when you last ordered new branch signage, you’re not alone. Have you seen the story about the 15-month old apple left in an office? Now that many of us, consumers included, are returning to in-person interactions, we may be surprised at some of the relics we find.

The good news is that re-opening presents an opportunity, and even a necessity, to clear out the old pre-pandemic items and freshen up your branch merchandising.

Here are a few tips to help you through the process:

  • Look with fresh eyes – There’s nothing better than a good, old-fashioned walk-through to see your branches through the eyes of a member (or prospective member). What do you see? What is still relevant, if anything? If your branches are spread out, you may ask the local manager to do the same and make notes or share via video or photos.
  • Tackle the low-hanging fruit – If there is still March 2020 signage up, that’s an easy and quick fix. Don’t delay in refreshing electronic messaging, ordering new posters, teller signs, or banners that reflect where we are now and what’s important to your credit union and its members.
  • Focus on what’s most impactful – It may have been a long time since branch merchandising was on your to-do list with digital and drive-through services taking center stage. However, getting the branches back in shape doesn’t have to be overwhelming. For bigger projects, take a step back and evaluate what’s most impactful for your membership.

We’re just a call, email, or text away. Kearley & Company is here to help you get your branches back in shape for the summer and all year long. We assist organizations of all sizes with branch merchandising and marketing and communications strategies that work.

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