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Digital Targeting in a Cookieless World

You’ve likely seen Apple’s latest ad touting its privacy options and the ability for consumers to choose who tracks their data. And, as a consumer, you’ve probably felt just like Felix in that ad as every shop and brand he has contact with tracks his every move. After all, those ads that “follow you” across the internet have always been a little creepy at best.

As marketers, however, the rise of data privacy and the new cookieless world we’re entering present real challenges. Digital targeting as we know it is going back in time as we lose the ability to track individual consumers’ behaviors. Practically speaking, this means we may need to lean into more general messaging that has a broader appeal and find new, more creative ways to target and reach prospective customers. A laser-like focus on members of a certain profession with a love of a specific sport will likely need to be swapped back to a geographic area and more basic demographics.

Here are a few ideas to help you navigate a cookieless world:

  1. What if you provide something of value in exchange for data? Submit an email, and the brand with give the consumer X in return.
  2. Leverage the data you already own. Most organizations have a ton of information on their existing customers. Dive deeper into that data for insights on how to generate more business from existing customers and/or use customer profiles for better (cookie-less) targeting.
  3. Put new KPI’s in place. We’re going to have to shift our mindset from audiences to media, messaging, and outcomes. It will be important to test messages and environments that receive the most traction.

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