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Our Big Game Ad Picks for 2023

As one might imagine, our agency team typically watches the Super Bowl more for the ads than the game. We hope you enjoyed them as much as we did. Here are this year’s top favorites:

5. Tubi’s Interface Interruption
This was like the Coinbase of 2022. They got us with this one.

4.Pop Corners
When will we tire of Walter White, Jessie, and Breaking Bad references? Not in 2023 apparently!

3. GMC & Netflix
So many fun pop-culture references! And Will Ferrell never disappoints.

2.  Michelob Ultra New Members Day
Even if you are not old enough to understand the reference, this re-creation of Caddyshack was perfectly cast and made us all laugh. Thank you Brian Cox for being such a good bad guy!

1. Bud Light Hold
They did it again. They managed to take an every-day situation and find a way to make it fun and make us smile. And the casting was great, too.

The Winner of the night: Uber One: One Hit for Uber One
Well cast. Well executed. Sean Combs is hilarious. Well done, Uber.

Some honorable mentions on our team: The eTrade Babies, and thank you Sarah McLachlan for having a great sense of humor.

Tell us what you think about our picks, and share your favorites!

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