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Coronavirus Messaging: Stand Out From The Crowd

If you’ve been spending time at home watching TV, YouTube, or other streaming services, you’ve probably started to notice that all the commercials look and sound the same, using taglines like “We’re here for you,” or “We’re in this together.”

At first “Coronavirus Messaging” was a thoughtful reminder from brands across America about the different ways they’re responding to COVID-19 with the consumer’s interest in mind. For many of them, it was a necessary move in their PR strategy to inform the public and avoid any potential backlash for being silent during a time of crisis. (After all, it can never hurt to say something for the sake of brand awareness, if you’ve got it in the budget.)

But as time goes on, and we move from a world of reaction to response, how can brands adapt their Coronavirus messaging to stand out from the crowd while still respecting the current climate?

By staying true to the brand.

The thing that sets organizations apart is branding. It’s what the consumer sees. It’s how the consumer interacts with your product or service. It’s your biggest differentiator, so lean in on your branding and discover different ways to use your look, tone, mission, and values to satisfy what consumers are looking for during times of crisis. Here are some examples of brands that are thinking outside of the box:

Example: H&R Block

One of the first companies to respond to COVID-19 was H&R Block. By utilizing their brand character and straight talk, they were able to communicate their message of “Here to Help” without sounding like everyone else.

Example: Progressive Insurance

Progressive’s first response to COVID-19 ditched the humorous tone they’re known for and focused on one of their biggest brand elements – the apron.

After a few weeks, they shifted back to their humorous tone with a series of ads showing Flo and other brand characters navigating the challenges of working from home.

Example: Smirnoff

Smirnoff found a clever way to adapt common coronavirus messaging themes to work for the brand by reimagining their summer messaging with the campaign “Hang Out From Home.”

If you’re finding it hard to stay true to your brand while standing out from the crowd, “we’re here to help.” Contact us for complimentary brand assessment and ideas on how you can communicate to your audience during COVID-19.

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