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How Earned Media Can Boost Your Business

The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced us to adapt and make significant changes to our marketing plans, strategies, and tactics. We find ourselves relying heavily on digital channels, drafting offers that are more reactive to the times and flexible to uncertainty.  We’re also learning new avenues for communication in order to better reach our target audiences.

With our Marketing/Advertising caps on, we head full force into figuring out solutions to not only boost business during an economic downturn, but also continue to let our target audience know that “We’re here for you.” But with these hurried efforts, we’re neglecting a major communications channel and opportunity: Public Relations.

While traditional Public Relations (i.e. Press Releases, Media Pitches, Social Media, etc.) may be a smaller aspect of your overall, yearly marketing plans, it could be a game changer for your business during COVID-19. Here’s why:

We could all use some good news – especially local news sources.

COVID-19 has dominated the news since early March, and newspapers, magazines, and local TV stations are looking for stories that are uplifting and showcase the good in the community. With many credit unions working to support medical professionals and people on the front lines, these efforts present an opportunity for Credit Unions, local businesses, and non-profit organizations to draft press releases to distribute to local or relevant news sources for some earned media coverage. And truly, seeing a story about the ways you’re supporting you communities goes a lot further than the 100th paid ad for the 100th organization that re-states “We’re here for you.”

Don’t just tell your target audience “We’re here for you.” Show them.  

Prove to your target audience that you really are there for them during the crisis by offering a value-based promotion in response to COVID-19, or hosting a fundraiser or public service initiative. Increase awareness and exposure of your promotion or event with a press release as well as a campaign on social media.

It’s easy to lean on established communication channels for your brand at this time. Don’t overlook the value of a press release to help tell your story in a different channel to bring greater awareness to your efforts.

To learn more about how Public Relations can boost your business, or for information about how Kearley & Company can help, email or contact us today.

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