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Kearley Unplugged: Maximizing Our “Me” Time

Everyone’s mind and body needs time to relax and recharge, and enjoying some “me” time has been crucial these past few months as we learn to navigate this new “normal.” As part of our new blog series, Kearley Unplugged, we asked our team how they unwind each day and make time for self-care while working from home.

Elisa Rode

“The way I unwind each day is by taking 30 minutes to detach from smart devices. I’ve also enjoyed taking walks to enjoy the world around me and be with my thoughts. Sometimes, if I’m feeling anxious, I listen to a podcast, interview, or watch a show that reveals behind-the-scenes footage from some of my favorite TV shows or movies.”

Daniel Buenger
Vice President & Director of Retail Merchandising

“The best way for me to un-plug is to be with nature. I enjoy sitting by the creek to observe ducks, cranes, and other wildlife animals. I’ve also been working on skills such as archery – shooting at least 50 arrows a day. When I’m not outside, I enjoy taking a ride on my motorcycle to escape my thoughts, feelings and traffic, haha.”

Meredith Cody
Art Director & Graphic Designer

“Taking care of a 19-month-old 24/7 while working from home has been a challenge, but I wouldn’t change it for the world! The way I’ve been able to set aside some “me” time is by tanning by the pool, enjoying a fun girl’s night-in, or curling up to watch the Bachelor with some chips and salsa.”

Jonathan Patterson
Front-End Web Developer

For me, laughter is the best way to relax. I’ve enjoyed getting to spend extra time with my daughter watching comedy shows, and hearing her laugh brings me happiness. I’ve also enjoyed taking more time to read and draw. This has been a great way to help ease my mind and escape from whatever’s going on.”

Chelsea McCall
Account Services Coordinator & Junior Copywriter

“Working out has always been the best stress reliever for me, and I’ve made it a habit to do some stationary cycle and yoga before bed each night. It really helps me stay grounded and prepare for busy workdays.”  

Jaya Armstead
Copywriting Intern

“When I want to unwind from my summer courses or from interning, I catch up on Netflix shows such as Queen of the South, or read X-Men Comics. I’ve also enjoyed getting to spend extra time with my family while I’m home for the summer.”

Shay Cohen
Copywriting Intern

“My favorite way to unplug has been to cook and experiment with new recipes. I’ve also been taking on new challenges like learning to play guitar, and when I want to sit back and relax, I watch a docuseries on Netflix.”

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