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Facebook trends for 2022

2022 Facebook Stats Worth Knowing

As a marketer, you understand the value of metrics but the sheer amount of data available these days can be overwhelming. Here, we excerpt a few of the top statistics for marketers in 2022 from this recent Hootsuite blog to help as you craft content specifically for Facebook users.

  • 69% of Americans over 18 are on Facebook, including 77% of people ages 30-49.

If your primary target is the 30–49-year-old demographic, Facebook is still their favorite social media platform, according to the data. This is important to know as you prioritize your efforts.

  • Most users — 98.5% — use Facebook on their mobile device, but 81.8% of people strictly access the platform via mobile.

This may seem like an obvious one given how much we’ve been talking about mobile-first users in recent years, but this stat is significantly higher for Facebook than general internet traffic. While you may be creating your organization’s posts on your desktop or laptop, make sure you preview them on mobile since that’s how users will most likely view them.

  • Facebook ads reach 63.7% of all Americans over age 13 and cost-per-click is up 13% vs. 2020.

Even with costs trending upwards this year, Facebook’s reach is hard to beat. That’s why US ads on the platform are expected to surge throughout the rest of this year. If you’re considering increasing your ad spend, consider refining your targeting and ensuring your message connects with consumers to maximize value.

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