Whether you’re up in the game in terms of following social media trends or not, it’s definitely beneficial to at least know where they’re headed. Despite the many social platforms that are available to use, we’ll focus on one that continues to be favored by the masses. As we take a step into the year 2022, we’ll look at a few trends that will appear to take flight in the ever-popular social media platform that is Instagram.


Organic Approach Losing Steam

According to an annual study conducted by the folks at Hootsuite, 43% of respondents have stated that “the decline of organic reach” is becoming a major factor in the reduction of social footprint. To solve this problem, you may have to consider moving towards paid advertisement, which is the act of boosting, or paying for, a certain post in order to reach a broader audience. 


Reels Are Making a Comeback

Instagram Reels, a seemingly direct reaction to TikTok, has been around since Summer 2020 and is returning to the spotlight with a vengeance. Used for short video content, Reels will be a focal point for Instagram this year. And as an attempt to recapture the attention from TikTok users, Instagram is likely to reward those who use it with an extra boost in exposure.


Instagram Live is Soaring

Instagram Live rose to prominence during the pandemic. With everyone becoming bored at home, users were live streaming while feeding their dogs just to have company. Even post-lockdown, the phenomenon stuck around and is now one of Instagram’s most popular tools. Instagram Live is a tool that offers businesses a space to post strong content that can connect with followers, so it’s best to utilize it in a way that’s beneficial to brand growth.


Links Available in Stories

When first introduced, inserting links, or “stickers”, into stories were only for businesses and people who had more than ten thousand followers. Now with that obstacle lifted, anyone can post links into their Instagram Stories. Using a customized external link is a great way to continue the conversation with your followers.


All in all, if you’re looking to conquer Instagram with your business this year, these are a few of the trends you may want to take advantage of. For information about important Instagram trends to watch in 2022, click here.


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