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Make Working from Home Work for You

With things not entirely returning to the normalcy of pre-COVID days, you may find yourself continuing to work from home instead of the office. There are many issues one may face when working remotely, however, which range from lacking enough focus to becoming overly dedicated to the point where you’re putting in overtime every week. 

To prevent yourself from potential burnout, here are a few simple tips to consider using while working from home. 

  1. Schedule Your Working Hours

Putting your schedule into a calendar platform helps you remember times to start and finish work for the day. It also helps you put your days into perspective by encouraging you to pay attention to your work-life balance. 

  1. Include Your Morning Routine

When working from home, it’s more difficult to prepare yourself for the day due to the lack of motivating factors to leave your bed. That’s why it’s crucial to develop a morning routine. Morning routines allow you to develop a boost in mentality to take on the day’s work.  

  1. Book the Bulk of Meetings on Two Days, If Possible

Placing the bulk of your meetings within two days opens time for projects that need more attention. Without the weight of a client meeting floating over your head, it frees your mind to better place your focus on completing your work for the week.

  1. Taking Breaks Doesn’t Mean Getting Distracted

It may seem as if you’re inattentive to time-sensitive tasks when taking a short break from them, but we can assure you it’s beneficial to do so now and again. By making a time slot of 15-30 minutes to pause, it can help boost your creativity and prevent worker’s burnout.  

  1. Create Time to Check-In with Colleagues

Working remotely is quite different from working in the office, especially when it comes to the amount of time you spend conversing with coworkers. As you may not see them often, it’s best to set a time to check in with them to maintain that comradery, and even discuss work-related issues. 

While these five tips will help you conquer your working-from-home battles, it’s also important to notify your colleagues of your schedule. What use is a schedule that you aren’t able to stick to? 

For information about the best practices for creating a remote schedule that works for you, take a look at this article from Hubspot

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