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New CuneXus Tool Helps Compare Credit Scores

Fintech startup CuneXus has created a new platform that helps members of financial institutions access their credit scores in a way that’s never been done before. 

This new tool gives members a real-time credit monitoring service that seamlessly compares their personal scores from various companies, all at once.

Through this digital platform, members will also have access to view potential loan options they qualify for and their credit history without an application, which could lead to higher credit approval ratings.

Furthermore, the platform serves as an alert system that notifies its consumers of any threats or changes to their credit scores, as well as offers suggestions to prevent  such cases form happening.

When asked about the motivation for making the platform, co-founder and president of CuneXus Dave Buerger stated, “Unlike other credit monitoring solutions on the market that encourage more debt, our new solution helps consumers make informed financial decisions for their futures.”

Be sure to look for this new platform to become immensely popular in the coming months, as every financial institution and credit union should be looking to utilize it in their businesses for their members very soon!

To learn more about this new tool from CuneXus, visit this article from Credit Union Times here.

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