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Organic vs Paid Social Media

It takes more of a strategic method to successfully handle social media for a business than for a personal account. When formulating a plan to grow your business through social media, knowing the differences between organic and paid posts would be useful. Let’s take a look at both:


An organic social media approach contributes to the relationship you have with your followers. Posts tend to be uniquely tied to your brand’s core values and style, which in turn, gives your followers an insight into your brand’s overall identity.  

Implementing an organic approach will help you to:

  • Generate brand awareness
  • Support and retain existing customers
  • Convert new customers by showing them what you’re about
  • Build relationships

However, if you plan to use organic posts to reach business goals, it may take some time. You’ll primarily be speaking to a percentage of the audience you already have, rather than reaching new customers. 


Using a paid social media approach will allow you to gain new followers and customers. It serves as a form of advertisement to promote your brand’s products and services. 

A paid social approach will help you to:

  • raise brand awareness and attract new followers
  • promote your newest deal, content, event, etc.
  • drive leads & conversions (including e-commerce sales)

On the other hand, paid social is just that—paid. Depending on the platform and cost per click, it may cost a pretty penny to promote your ads on social platforms.


Without the right message, paid social posts could easily be overlooked. It’s best to present a message that doesn’t seem like an advertisement to boost a viewer’s interest. 

And there you have it. Organic and paid social media strategies can both be beneficial toward achieving your business goals, but consider how the attributes of each will affect those goals before you decide. 

For more information concerning paid and organic social media and how to utilize both for your business, take a look at this article from Hootsuite here.

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