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It All Starts with Strategy

As Kearley & Company celebrates our 40th anniversary this year, we’ve been reflecting on all that’s changed and the critical pieces of marketing that have remained the same over the past four decades. Regardless of technology expansion and advancement, successful campaigns tend to still have one thing in common: They start with a clear and thoughtful strategy.

This is true whether you are planning an old-school direct mail piece or your latest Tik Tok video. At Kearley, we like to say that our agency’s specialty is making big ideas even bigger. We do that by using a research-oriented approach to developing unique strategies to meet our clients’ specific needs.

As you think about honing your own strategy in 2021, here are a few questions to get you started:

  • What are you trying to accomplish? No marketing department has unlimited resources, which makes it vital to have a laser-like focus and clarity around what your goals and objectives truly are. Do you need to attract more auto loans? Are you trying to grow new business accounts? Is mortgage lending your top priority? Take a few moments to ensure your key stakeholders are all on the same page regarding your organization’s goals and priorities.
  • Who is the target audience? The more you know about your target audience, the better. Existing members require a different approach than potential members. The same is true of consumers vs. business owners and borrowers vs. savers. This is where data and research come in handy. Start with the data you already have such as your CRM or membership database, U.S. Census Bureau data for the local area, credit bureau, psychographics, and other appended data. 
  • What’s important to them? Once you understand who your target audience is, it’s much easier to craft a message that is centered around what is most important to them. Clearly, a young family has different needs and priorities than an older retired couple even if both could benefit from refinancing a loan at a lower rate. Tailor your message, or better yet, personalize it.
  • Where is your message most likely to be seen? This is where keeping up with all the latest and greatest technology and social platforms come into play. Knowing your audience will help you pinpoint the channels most likely to reach them, whether it’s via an old-fashioned direct mailer, an online banking push notification, or a Tik Tok video.

We’re here to help. Kearley & Company is just a phone call, email, or text away. We assist credit unions by developing marketing and communications strategies that work. Our team can help bring new ideas to the table while helping ensure your plan is on track to deliver results.

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