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Leveraging AI as a Marketing tool

4 easy ways to Leverage AI

Last fall, we offered a post outlining some very basic ways organizations can leverage AI while managing risk. We’re continuing our discussion of AI here this month with some tips and take-aways that are specific for marketers.

Here are some easy ways an organization might leverage AI as a tool for your marketing team:


  • Research. AI can be an incredible research assistant. It also allows you to ask questions and refine the results. That said, be aware / remember it’s critical to fact-check in case of AI hallucinations.


  • Idea generation. AI topic suggestions are an easy way to get your brain in gear and fill out your content calendar. It’s likely that your social media platform or email platform have AI topic suggestions already built in for your marketing team to access.


  • Content adaptation. We know it’s not ideal to post the same content across all social and marketing platforms. Marketers can use AI to leverage content across multiple platforms. AI can help you turn a blog post into social content.


  • Customer service. While basic chatbots have been in use for quite a few years, AI can boost their ability to answer more complex customer questions.


Some points to consider include:

As more AI tools become available, it will be tempting to incorporate them all into your organization. It’s important for marketers to consider the process for internal review of content / assets created using AI tools. Setting up a workflow and formal approvals is a first step.

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