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Tah-dah! Celebrating Great Awards & Fun Projects

Credit Union Awards

Credit Union National Association (CUNA) Diamond Awards

According to a statement from CUNA’s Marketing and Business Development council, this year’s Diamond Awards marked a milestone, celebrating 30 years of excellence in credit union marketing. There were 168 credit unions nationwide named as winners of prestigious Diamond Awards – the Marketing & Business Development Council’s annual marketing excellence competition.

Among those winners, Kearley had the honor of working on four different award winning projects! They were: 

CUNA Diamond Awards

Cornerstone’s Pinnacle Awards

In addition, Kearley’s work with Southwest 66 Credit Union on their member newsletter won a Pinnacle award!


Congratulations to all the credit unions who are doing great work on behlf of their members and their organizations. We are proud to be credit union members and proud to be part of the credit union movement! 

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