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Tips for Strategic Planning

3 Tips for Better Strategic Planning

It may still seem far away, but now is the best time to prepare for a successful 2023 strategic planning session with your board. While summer and fall tend to be when most planning sessions are held, the sooner you make your plans this spring, the better!

Here are a few tips to help ensure your 2023 planning is smooth:

  1. Identify the goals and seek input early on – Do you want to ensure everyone is still on the same page regarding existing goals or establish new ones? How well do the individuals who comprise your board and leadership team know each other? What do your board members and other senior leaders hope to accomplish by the end of the planning session? Making time to think through your ideal outcomes and solicit input from others in advance will help ensure everyone’s time is well-spent and that relationships are strengthened.
  2. Choose a trusted partner to facilitate – It’s important to set the stage and break the ice, especially after so many virtual meetings these past several years. A trusted partner can help you do both by sharing the latest industry data and trends along with a detailed credit union performance and competitor analysis to help identify opportunities for the group to discuss and act on in the future. A partner you’re already working with on a regular basis can be a big asset and help knowledgeably facilitate the process to ensure conversations keep flowing, a bit of fun is included, and your goals are accomplished.
  3. Reserve your dates now – Depending on your goals, strategic planning sessions can happen in a single day, or they can be weekend-long endeavors. In-person meetings take advanced planning so it’s best to select dates and a location that will work for everyone involved. This includes blocking your board and leadership teams’ calendars, as well as coordinating closely with your strategic planning facilitator to ensure they are available to prepare for and lead your session.

Want to re-energize your strategic planning process? Analyzing your organization from an external marketing partner’s perspective is a great place to start. Kearley & Co. experts are available to facilitate on-site strategic planning sessions with your board. Contact us today to learn more about our process, which includes an in-depth market analysis, peer data review, and recommendations. 

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