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3 Tips for Buttoning Up Your 2021 Marketing Plan

The holiday season is in full swing, and you’re likely scrambling to put the finishing touches on your 2021 plan. It’s okay, we’ve all been there! While the best plans are comprehensive in nature, they should also leave room for periodic adjustments and build in the ability to capitalize on new opportunities as they arise.

Here are a few tips that may help you ensure your plan is all “buttoned up” before the New Year!

  1. Start at the top – A good marketing plan should begin with the strategic goals of the organization. Is your leadership team planning a major service expansion? Are you focused on gaining more wallet share from existing members? Is a new digital solution in your future? These are all important questions that will feed into your plan.
  2. Break it down – There’s no one right answer or perfect plan format, but having a clear calendar with strategic goals and specific promotions identified can be a marketing team’s best friend. Heading into another uncertain year, we recommend breaking your plan down by quarter to give you an opportunity to evaluate and adjust periodically as needed.
  3. Communicate, communicate, communicate – This goes for internal audiences as well as external communications. If your staff doesn’t know about the latest, most exciting promotion before you launch it to members, it might not generate the results you’re hoping for – or worse yet – catch your team members unaware. Likewise, your members are likely not getting the message the first time you deliver it. You may be tired of writing about the great home loans your institution offers, but what percentage of your members realize they can get a mortgage with you? Relevant, targeted communications that continue throughout the year are vital.

We’re here to help. Kearley & Company is just a phone call, email or text away. We assist credit unions by developing marketing and communications strategies that work. Our team can help bring new ideas to the table while helping ensure your plan is on track to deliver results.

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