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3 Tips to Make Time for Gratitude All Year

It’s easy to pause and consider all that we are grateful for as we head into Thanksgiving, but what about the rest of the year? As challenging as 2020 has been, it has presented some silver linings and an opportunity to reflect on what’s truly important in our lives.

How can we infuse these lessons learned into our future plans, both personal and professional? Here are a few ideas that may help retain a mindset of gratitude and focus as we head into 2021 and beyond.

  1. Keep it simple – The gift of time is truly priceless, as many of us realized when jam-packed schedules faded overnight this spring. How can you streamline or simplify your workload moving forward? What are your top priorities? Are there more efficient ways to achieve the results you and your organization want?
  2. Plan ahead – For many businesses, we are well into the final stages of strategic planning and budgeting season. However, it’s surprising that some organizations fail to develop a clear and complete plan for critical areas like marketing. Do you have a personal plan for what you want to accomplish next year? What about your organization’s overall goals? How will your role make a positive difference and contribute to the team’s success?
  3. Stay flexible – This is another lesson that was driven home throughout 2020. Flexibility is key and that won’t end when the pandemic does. Create a strong plan, but be ready to modify it or even scrap it altogether and develop a new one when needed. What might impact your plan for next year? Are you prepared to adjust for multiple scenarios? How can you stay grounded and focused as circumstances shift?

Remember, we’re here to help! Kearley & Company is just a phone call, email or text away. Our team is ready to assist you with your 2021 plan and streamlining your everyday marketing to make time for gratitude.

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