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Our Big Game Ad Picks for 2022

As one might imagine, our agency team typically watches the Super Bowl more for the ads than the game. We hope you enjoyed them as much as we did. Here are this year’s top favorites:

4. Ad Meter 2022 – Coinbase
Let’s be honest – who didn’t pull out their phones to scan the QR code for this one? 

3. New Generation – Chevrolet
This new take on the introduction to a classic television show instantly makes us want to binge the entire Soprano series. The truck doesn’t look too bad, either.

2. Push It – Flamin’ Hot
From the rapping robin  and the beatboxing fox to the surprisingly speedy sloth and more, this ad is a great example of having fun in the creative room.

1. Mind Reader – Amazon
Who could ignore the hilarious possibility that Alexa is able to read our minds? 

Tell us what you think about our picks, and share your favorites!

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